The Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems Laboratory is a transdisciplinary organization that is part of the School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Costa Rica. It was founded in 2012 by Dr. rer. nat. Francisco Siles Canales as a core of cross-disciplinary training. We seek the generation of scientific research and technological innovation, towards integration between the academic community, the government, the Productive Sector, the Civil Society and the Environment, to improve people's quality of life.


Our mission is to carry out inter- and transdisciplinary projects, and develop advanced computer systems able to cope with future challenges through collaborative networks and fund management.




The primary objective of the laboratory is to research new information processing algorithms to model underlying processes of interest in several areas of knowledge, in search of their interpretation by pattern recognition and intelligent systems.

Recognize patterns means taking an action depending on the category of the data, while an intelligent system is a computer system with cognitive abilities such as memory and automatic learning.


The vision of PRIS-Lab is to be a change agent, able to contribute to solving complex problems of society through scientific research of excellence and advanced technological innovation.



The specific interests of PRIS-Lab are mainly (but not limited to) pattern recognition, intelligent systems, machine learning, data mining, digital signal processing, digital image processing, motion capture, biocomputation, abstract data structures, algorithms and programming.



Within its framework, in addition to the research projects themselves, currently the laboratory also participates in and inter- and transdisciplinary research networks such as ITCB (Network translational research in cancer and biocomputation) and NRCS (Research Network scientific computing).



Currently Dr. rer. nat. Francisco Siles Canales directs PRIS-Lab in the position of General Coordinator. The laboratory consists of 5 research teams in different areas and two teams that develop projects to support research. Each team has a coordinator and fulfill particular functions aimed at strengthening the mission and vision of the laboratory. Coordinators from each team, along with General Coordinator form an eighth team, building a common language to meet the objectives of the laboratory.

Dr. rer. nat. Francisco Siles Canales

General Coordinator
Director of the Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering

M.Sc. Ricardo Román Brenes

BEND Coordinator

Ing. Andrés Mora Zúñiga

ACE Coordinator
Sport Tracking

Lic. Elvira Chaves Pochet

MOVE Coordinator
Human Movement

Jose Pablo Ávila López

CORE Coordinator
Intelligent Systems

Willy Villalobos Marrero

RISE Coordinator
Scientific Computing

Lic. Fernando Salas Fumero

DAWN Coordinator
Modelling and Animation

Javier Peralta Sáenz

JAM Coordinator
Technical Support