In DAWN we develop projects to support research and general laboratory tasks. Using the enormous technological resource, we explore applications of digital animation starting from conceptual design, modeling and rigging, to high-quality rendering. 


Conceptual design


Exploring the convergence between design and digital animation for character creation.



Digital animation


2D and 3D modeling and animation from motion capture using free software tools.





Braulio Flores Guerrero

Lic. in Digital Animation Student

Diego Moreira Ruiz

Bach. in Mass Communication Sciences

Edgar Alvarado Tenorio

Pictorial Design Student

Esteban Rojas Castro

M.Sc. in English Literature Student

Lic. Fernando Salas Fumero

Mechanical Engineer and Graphic Design Student / DAWN Coordinator

Guillermo Rojas Boehler

Plastic Arts Student

Graciela López Campos

Electric Engineering Student

Luis Diego Castro Esquivel

Computing Student

Luis Mora Mora

Electric Engineering Student

Mario Castresana Avendaño

Electric Engineering Student

Nataly Webb Rodríguez

Graphic Design and Digital Animation Student

Raúl Lizano Güel

Mass Communication Sciences and Mechanical Engineering Student