The new algorithms we develop in this area cover the stages of perception from relevant sensors and video cameras, as well as cognitive stages to build models for interpreting actions and sports activities, making it possible to perform an automatic analysis of matches and propose improvements in the game, objectively and concisely.

ACE seeks to automatically extract the tactics and strategies of sports games based on television videos. In the case of football, it is possible to locate the visible players on the field, and identify tactics collecting statistical data. We currently work with football matches, generating statistical, tactical and strategic analysis.


Temporal and spatial segmentation


To automatically define which portions of video provide useful information for analysis, detecting outages and scene types. Furthermore, using image processing techniques we can detect image regions corresponding to the players.


Calibrating the camera model


Approximation of camera parameters to reconstruct the scene in a "3D" game from the traced points.


Classification of actions and strategies


From the displacement of the points in the 3D scene, the tactics are classified in its various forms (coverage, offensive play, etc.). Knowing then the series of actions taken by each team we may classify strategies.



Ing. Andrés Mora Zúñiga

Research Assistant / ACE Coordinator

Bryan Cervantes Ramírez

Electrical Engineering Student

Ing. Esteban Ramírez Gutiérrez

M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering Student

Esteban Zamora Alvarado

Electrical Engineering Student

Fabián Mora Cordero

Mathematics Student

Jose Fonseca Solís

Electrical Engineering Student

Ing. Marco Villalta Fallas

Electrical Engineering Graduate

Ing. Rodrigo Chacón Quesada

M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering Student

Ing. Fernando Gutiérrez Rivera

M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering Student