Our purpose in this research area consists of the three-dimensional analysis of human movement and the development of computational modeling systems for biomechanical-kinematic analysis of human movements, in particular to optimize sports performance and improving health.

By coordinates generated by an advanced motion capture equipment, you can read the positions of points in space, and use that information to improve methods of physical therapy, sports performance, and other applications related to digital animation.


March analysis


A simple clinical study that identifies affectations of locomotion. It is used as a diagnostic tool and treatment control. In order to facilitate this task we are developing software with an architecture library, using as a model the march, but with potential applications in the study of human movement in general.


Database of human movements


Storage of sporting feats of major sports currently performed, in both men and women and likewise their levels of training.



Lic. Elvira Chaves Pochet

Research Assistant / MOVE Coordinator

Lic. Ana Gómez Granados

MSc in Human Movement Sciencies Student

Bach. Yorleni Campos Flores

Master of Linguistics Student

Ing. Daniel Vargas Campos

MSc in Electronics Student

Sofía Fonseca Muñoz

Electric Engineering Student

Guillermo Cornejo Suárez

Electric Engineering Student

Juan José Delgado Quesada

Electric Engineering Student

Jose Pablo Delgado Chinchilla

Electric Engineering Student

Natalia Abarca Abarca

Electric Engineering Student

Jonathan Gayle Herrera

Mechanic Engineering Student

Esteban Fumero Rivera

Electric Engineering and Politic Sciences Student

Jean Pierre Moreira Umaña

Electric Engineering and Human Movement Sciences Student